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What Is a Roller Blind? Reviving a Classic Window Treatment, Boise, ID

With Ezze Shutters and Blinds, when it comes to window treatments like blinds,shades, and shutters, you can't get much more classic than the reliable roller shade.

Invented sometime in the 1700s with a roller so weak that it was anchored at the bottom of the window frame while a hook at the end of the fabric attached to the top of the window frame when pulled up in use, this rudimentary device has morphed into the modern roller shades we enjoy today (Source).

Modern roller shades typically have the roller blind mechanism at the top of the window frame and have easy-to-pull, simple locking, and quick disconnect mechanisms that make rollers much more attractive to today's homeowner. The newer mechanisms are also safer for children and pets. On top of their improved functionality, rollers remain a fantastic option for those looking to use fabric in a room's window treatments without having to use curtains or drapes.

Ezze Shutters and Blinds has a variety of roller shades to choose from, from custom-fit rollers to match any window to common shapes with unique patterns to bring personality to your home. You can schedule a free consultation using the button below to discuss what types of roller blinds are a good fit for your home.

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Types of Roller Blinds, Shades: Translucent to Blackout Roller Shades & More

The various types of roller shades include:
  • Blackout Roller Shades (See here for more info on blackouts.)
  • Sheer/Translucent Roller Shades
  • Light-Filtering Roller Shades
  • Solar Roller Shades
  • Motorized Roller Blinds
    • Electric Roller Blinds
    • Automatic Roller Blinds
  • Bali Roller Shades (Can also come in blackout.)
  • Woven Roller Shades
  • Single-Layer Roller Shades
  • Dual-Layer Roller Shades
  • Canvas Roller Shades

If, after considering rollers as a potential interior window covering, you want to know what some of your other options are, take a look at our Window Coverings Page. That page can give you an introduction to the assortment of indoor shades, blinds, and shutters that Ezze Shutters and Blinds installs.
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