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How to Choose a Window Treatment:
Shutters and Blinds in Boise, ID

Choosing interior window coverings for your house, condo, or apartment can feel like a daunting task. There are a lot of options to choose from, and it can be hard to tell which ones will fit your window style and your existing decor.

At Ezze Shutters and Blinds, with our free consultation, we do our best to answer your questions, inform you of options you didn't know you had, ultimately help you decide which indoor window treatment best meets your needs. And we do it all while offering options that suit your budget; major, reliable brands; and American-made products.

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Types of Shutters and Blinds: Which Window Coverings or Treatments Are Best?

There are many types of shutters and blinds, and at Ezze Shutters and Blinds, we do our best to offer as many as we can while maintaining the high-quality standard for window coverings that we've set for our business.
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Custom Shutters Have:

  • Frames made of stiles or rods. These frames may be hinged to completely open a shutter.
  • Either vertical or horizontal slats (also called louvers). These are slats similar to other kinds of blinds, but are generally made of sturdier materials for wood, faux wood, or PVC shutters. Less common are vinyl or composite wood shutters.
  • Most kinds of shutters also contain at least one tilt rod or a pull cord, which allows you to adjust the angle of moveable slats to control light, heat, and privacy.
  • The option to be half-slatted and half-solid to provide extra privacy, like you might want in a bathroom.

Types of interior shutters (including variations of traditional plantation shutters) include:

Types of interior shutters (including variations of traditional plantation shutters) include:

Plantation Shutters
Cafe-Style Shutters
Barn Door Shutters
Louvered Shutters
Bi-Fold Shutters (For patio doors)
Norman Shutters
Shaker Shutters
Tracked Shutters
Ovation Shutters
Bay Window Shutters
Door Shutters for Interiors
French Door Shutters
Rolling Shutters
Tier-on-Tier Shutters
Arched Shutters (Custom)
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Blinds have:
  • Slats similar to shutters, but not the frame binding the slats together. They are usually strung together on some type of cord.
  • A pull cord, a cordless blinds mechanism, or are motorized blinds instead of having a rod or cord like plantation shutters.
  • Variations that can be pushed up from the bottom or pulled down from the top (top down/bottom up blinds) to vary privacy options.

Types of slatted blinds include:

Vertical Blinds
Horizontal Blinds
Pull Up Blinds
Top Down/Bottom Up Blinds
Mini-Blinds (Narrow Slats)
Cordless Blinds
Motorized/Electric Blinds
  • Automatic Blinds
  • Remote Control Blind
Roller Blinds (See our Roller Window Covering Page)

All of these might have variations to allow for fabric, wood, faux wood, vinyl blinds and more as material options.

As you can see just by these listings, there's quite a lot to choose from at Ezze Shutters and Blinds, not to mention our various window shades. And the fact that we offer both standard and custom sizes in many of these options just broadens the horizon.
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